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Furnishing with Luxury Homes
When Fashion Meets Interiors: From Runway to Your Homes

Self expression, Creativity and Love have always been the pioneers of both, Fashion and Interiors. The similarities between the two concepts include their creative processes, trending color palettes, and most importantly, the way we express ourselves creatively through them. While fashion brands are opening up their runway shows to the public this year, interior design experts are not far behind.

April 13, 2022

51st National Day Celebrations

Every year, on 18th November, Oman springs to life with great enthusiasm, to celebrate National Day, an event that commemorates the birthday of the late Sultan Qaboos, Oman's beloved former leader who ushered in a new era for the country.
His tenure brought about the change and continuous growth that has given us the nation we know and cherish today.

November 18, 2021

The Good NEWS!

Proud to be Exclusive Partners with Al Mouj Muscat’s Golf Beach Residences to bring in exclusive offers on interior design consultancy and luxury designer furniture for their new limited-edition Golf Beach Residences #ZunairahMansions, a gated community, with private access to pristine beaches and close vicinity to the St. Regis hotel complex and world-class golf course.

‎نفتخر بأن نكون شركاء حصريين مع منازل شاطيء الجولف الموج مسقط لتقديم عروض حصرية لاستشارات التصميم الداخلي والأثاث الفاخر لمجموعة حصرية من الفلل الفخمة من منازل شاطيء الجولف #قصور_زنيرة ضمن حي مجهّز ببوابات دخول خاصة، ومدخل خاص إلى رمال الشاطئ الذهبية، ويقع على بعد خطوات من منتجع سانت ريجس و ملعب الجولف.

May 31, 2021

The Luxury 100 Brand Awards 2020

Luxury Homes, the top brand in the Sultanate for high-end furniture, also recognized by Signature, won the award for Best Luxury Furniture Brand of the Year at the Signature Luxury 100 Event 2020.

January 3, 2021


Buyers of properties at Al Mouj Muscat through the Tayseer direct financing plan, are entitled to an exclusive scheme offered by Luxury Homes. A 30% down payment is all that is needed from you to design the home of your dreams. The remaining 70% balance can be paid in installments over 24 months with 0% interest after the Transaction Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) is signed.

This is a limited-time offer only valid till December 2021.

*General/commercial terms and conditions of the store apply.

عند امتلاك منزلك عبر خطة تيسير من الموج

مسقط، ستحظى بعرض حصري لدى معرض

لكجَري هُومز المتخصص في الأثاث الفاخر

والتصاميم الحصرية. ستحصل بموجب العرض على

إمكانية شراء الأثاث بدفعة مقدّمة 30% فقط،

وتقسيط التكلفة المتبقية على مدى 24 شهراً.*

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Furnishing with Luxury Homes

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